Sunday, 4 September 2011

Supporting Riot Raffle

I have just updated my website to include the badge that Lizajdesign is supporting Riot Raffle.

What is Riot Raffle?
Riot Raffle was set up by the lovely Zoe Grant!/zoeanddrew after watching the riots that devastated our capitals on Monday 8th August, Zoe blogged "Feeling helpless as I do not live close enough to pop along and help and realising I wasn’t the only person feeling this way I had an idea of a raffle" (quote ).

After much help with setting up a website and a logo Zoe created Riot Raffle "Riot Raffle is about a creative community coming together to support other independent businesses in a time of crisis. Today we have over 80 independent businesses donating prizes for Riot Raffle" (quote ).

Riot Raffle is such a good cause and it's in association with Retail Trust which looks after the people in retail, those business that were damaged and destroyed by the Riots.

Lizajdesign has donated the Jungle Monkey Personalised Print (more details can be found on my website click here. I chose to donate this prize as it is a universal personalised print that would be suitable for a boy or girl in the popular cheeky monkey design!

To donate to the Riot Raffle and the chance of winning prizes from a truly talented bunch of designers please visit

Hurry, raffle ends midnight September 30th

Jungle Monkey Personalised Print

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