Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mother's Day don't forget "Mum's to be..."

It has been a while since Lizajdesign has 'blogged' mainly because it has been a busy time in the Lizajdesign studio!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I recall when I was due with my first child, my expectant date was supposed to be before Mother's Day fell and I kept wondering will I be a mother on Mother's Day? As it happened I was overdue so missed that day for that year, but it has been made up since!

Mother's Day is also a day for expectant mum's to be! The Lizajdesign website home page has a showcase of hand painted picture canvases made for your nursery for that finishing touch in preparation to finally becoming a mum! Hand painted canvases have a delivery time of up to 21 days so order early if you want to get the nursery prepared and finished for when that day finally arrives.
Liza x

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