Monday, 13 August 2012

The Summer holiday's - mini me artist!

   It's the final few weeks of the Summer Holidays and with a recent press release in the Easy Living Magazine, orders to fulfil and a special large commission project to do, Lizajdesign will not be commencing any new orders until 1st September 2012. Please feel free to email any enquiries during this time to
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Summer Holiday Collection by mini L. Cole (age 6) 2012

 While my eldest is off school I've had a little 'mini me' artist re-creating my works, loving painting directly onto canvases she has even named a few characters!

The farm animal duck and chicken have been named 'Seedy' and "Bready' respectively, as shown on this felt-tip coloured drawing on paper by mini L.Cole. 
The Farm animal sheep has been named 'Dotty' with a baby on a meadow, emulsion on canvas by mini L.Cole (age 6).
The Jungle animal leopard has been given a Hello Kitty style bow and named 'Spotty'! Emulsion on canvas by mini L. Cole.

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