Thursday, 5 May 2016

New - Paint Your Own Canvas Art

Launching a new concept of products for gifts ideal for children and budding artists. 
This idea originally came about when a good friend couldn't find anything suitable for her child to paint herself; "I remember them" was my answer but like her I found the market was limited in offering the traditional paint your own art, so I created one for her (she was my guinea pig to see if the materials and idea would work in practise).
After offering as a traditional chunky canvas, I thought of another way these products could be used and came up with the new canvas board sign styles that Liza J design now offers, not only does this give a less expensive option these could be used to entertain children at a birthday painting party, were the 'entertainment' can be taken home in their party bag for them to keep.
To give the item as a gift, both styles can have a mini water cake watercolour set added to the order with one brush to get them started.
Each product is an original design pencil sketched and outlined using black waterproof archival ink onto a quality acrylic primed canvas. Watercolour paints would be most suitable to use with the canvas, as the child will still be able to see the waterproof black outline when painting.
The two initial designs released are:

But.... I'm looking for more designs so what better way than offer you the chance to create one! If your child is a budding artist and you would like them to have their very own personalised canvas for them to paint, please let me know what theme you would like and save 20% off the price as well!
Looking for new designs in the canvas art range (20% off applies to either size enter coupon code LJDPYO20 at checkout) please add design requirements to your order or message
New design ideas based on original theme:
One character - whether girl or boy describe the hair, clothes.
One theme - hearts, flowers, princess, pirate, jungle animals, farm animals, football etc. 

Keep an eye out on the New & Offers page as occasionally offers become available when a new design is in the making, an original artwork sample is needed to expand the Liza J design portfolio or a one-off sample is sold off at a reduced rate (a limited offer that can be withdrawn at anytime).
Liza Cole,
Founder & Designer, Liza J design
May 2016

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